Empowering Women with their Finances on International Women’s Day

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Empowering Women with their Finances on International Women’s Day

The 8th March celebrates International Women’s Day, a month dedicated to celebrating the remarkable achievements of women worldwide. I recently watched the film ‘I am Woman’ about the life of Helen Reddy the 70’s Australian singer who inspired a generation with her song.  She was a true ‘trailblazer’ empowering others with her powerful lyrics.

There are many examples of women entrepreneurs over the years who have broken down barriers and against all odds become amazingly successful. For example, the late Jacqueline Gold CBE Chief Executive and founder of Ann Summers transformed the brand in the late 80’s into a multi-million-pound business, a controversial sector with a woman at the helm, sadly lost all too soon.

This year, let’s focus our attention on the strides women have made in the financial realm, shedding light on the challenges they have faced. According to recent statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), women-owned businesses in the UK are on the rise, contributing significantly to the country’s economic fabric. However, a gender disparity persists in terms of funding accessibility and financial planning resources for women-led enterprises.

Financial services is a case in point. I, for example, am in the minority, being one of the 16% of women regulated to give financial advice.

I work with many women going through major life events by assisting them with financial planning for divorce, financial advice for recently bereaved women, selling a business. Often, but not always, women lack confidence when it comes to their own personal finances.  This is changing and I’ve made it part of my mission to educate women by providing financial planning advice, helping them set financial goals, show them how to take control of their finances and to make informed decisions. Even being in a relationship, it’s important that both parties are equally informed and work together on their financials. The right approach to money can create lasting positive change for women’s financial well-being.

To help future female generations to be more financially literate and have the relevant life skills I go into schools, colleges and Universities with a particular focus on financial education, which makes my role a truly rewarding one, especially if I can encourage more females into a career in financial planning.

Remember, International Women’s Day is just one day, but by taking action, we can contribute to a future where women have greater control over their financial well-being, leading to stronger economies and a more equitable society.


Concluding Thoughts

In the dynamic landscape of financial empowerment, women are carving their paths with resilience and determination. As we celebrate International Women’s Day and honour the indomitable spirit of women worldwide, it’s crucial to recognise their strides in the financial arena. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals a rising trend of women-owned businesses in the UK, contributing significantly to the nation’s economic fabric. However, challenges persist. Funding accessibility and tailored financial planning resources remain areas of concern for women-led enterprises.

Whether facing life-altering events like divorce or bereavement, or simply seeking confidence in managing personal finances, my mission, our mission is clear: empower women to make informed decisions and secure their financial futures.

Louise Oliver

Louise Oliver

Founding Partner
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